Add Special Trail Mix to Minecraft with this Mod (1.4.7)

This mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 adds trail mix to the game. When eaten, this trail gives you crazy powers. It can also be fed to pigs to give them new abilities.

Trail Mix Minecraft Mod Features:

When eaten, trail mix gives you:
– Super Punch (with comic explosion effects!)
– Super Speed
– Shoot Fireballs with middle mouse with an empty hand, once you’ve eaten enough! (Shooting beneath you “rocket jumps” you up!)
– Fall Dampening

You can also feed the trail mix to pigs! Trail Mix gives pigs:
– High Pressure Flatulence (pressure so high, you’ll fly!)
– Explosive Collision Nature (watch where you leave ‘em pigs!)
– Excessive Headbanging

Trail mix mod for 1.4.7 minecraft

Download Trail Mix Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from both the Forge and Trail Mix zip files into Minecraft.jar.
  4. Have fun!