Survive the Zombie Apocalypse with the Crafting Dead Mod (1.4.5)

The Crafting Dead mod for 1.4.5 is based on the Walking Dead TV series. It adds new weapons, items, world types, and lots of new zombies. It is your goal to survive using only things you find the in the ruins found throughout the world.


Throwable Weapons:
– Grenade
– Smoke
– Zombie deterrent
– Pipe Bombs
– Cocktails (Fire Grenades)
– Throwing Knifes
– Tomahawks

Melee Weapons:
– Baseball bat
– Baseball bat with nail
– Crowbar
– Bowie Knife
– Cricket Bat
– ACB-90
– Butchers Knife

– Med Pack / Kit
– Pain Killers
– Adrenaline

Crafting Dead Items minecraft mods

These new items can not be crafted. They are found in the ruins that spawn in the world. You must start a new “Crafting Dead” type world.

Crafting Dead World minecraft 1.4.5 mods

Download Crafting Dead Mod for 1.4.5:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the modloader .zip files into Minecraft.jar
  4. Drag the files form the Crafting Dead .zip file into Minecraft.jar
  5. Enjoy!