Add Slenderman to Minecraft with this Mod

Slenderman Mod for 1.2.5 Minecraft

According to legend, the Slenderman is a mysterious creature that shows up late at night. His height allows him to sneak up to high windows and apartments so he can kidnap children. He then steals their souls. The Slenderman mod brings this horrible being to Minecraft.


Slendermen have a very low spawn rate but are extremely dangerous.

They can randomly appear and disappear and will teleport closer to you.

They are also able to break light sources and can open doors and trapdoors. However, they cannot enter houses that are less than 3 blocks high.

Slendermen are most dangerous when you look directly at them. When you look directly at one you have a 50% chance of being temporarily blinded. After you are blinded the Slendermen will rush towards you and attack. They can see through transparent materials such as water, lava, ice, glass, etc.

You can safely look at a Slenderman by wearing a Slender Mask.

Slendermen will occasionally mark a spot with Slender Notes. Removing these notes will make Slenderman angry and he will then hunt you down.

All Enderman recipes require multiple Child Souls, a semi rare drop by Endermen.

Slender Mask:
Minecraft slender man mod mask for 1.3

The Slender masks acts as a piece of armor. It is twice as durable as diamond and allows you to look at a Slenderman without getting sick/blind.

Slender Sword:
hack slender sword

This sword is more powerful than diamond and twice as durable. One of only two types of swords that can take down an Enderman.

Slender Suit and Shoes:
Slender Man Suit Minecraft mods

Slender Suit and Pants:
Slenderman hack for 1.25 1.3

Download Minecraft Enderman Mod for 1.2.5:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Install ModLoader if your haven’t done so already.
  3. Install AudioMod the same way you installed Modloader
  4. Place the files from the folders in the Enderman .zip file into the appropriate folders
  5. Have fun!