Shoot Mobs from a Cannon with the Launcher Mod (1.6.4)

The Launcher mod for 1.6.4 adds launchers that can throw mobs. The mob can be used as a weapon against other mobs. It also adds a gravity gun that can teleport blocks from far away.

New Items:

Creeper Launcher:

The Creeper Launcher shoots creepers that explode on impact. Uses creeper spheres as ammo.

launcher creeper mod

Squid Launcher:

Launches squids. If the squid hits a block, it turns into a squid sphere that can be used as ammo. If it hits mob, the mob recieves 5 hearts of damage.

squid launcher minecraft mods 1.6.4

Hostile Mob Launcher:

The Hostile Mob Launcher has 3 settings: Zombie, Skeleton, Pigzombie. You can switch between mobs using the ‘L’ button. Uses zombie spheres, skeleton spheres, and pig zombie spheres are ammo, respectively.

minecraft mods download hostile mobs

minecraft mods hostile launcher

Block Launcher:

This one shoots any block you want if you have it in your inventory. First you have to set this block by pressing ‘L’ with the launcher in your hand. Use the GUI to write the block you want to shoot (name or id). The launcher will change it’s colour. You can learn what block is set from the description. When the block you shot hits the ground, it remains still on this coords. You can harvest it. But if a block hits a mob, it drops as item it should drop (diamond ore drops diamonds, etc.). The strength of hit depends on block hardness.

block launcher

Block Picker:

This is an item that lets you to pick up any block. Just shoot it, and the block you hit will be teleported to you. Also, the lightning bolt will strike this block, so be carefull – don’t use it on short distances. Uses energy spheres as ammo. If the laser hits the mob, it will recieve damage.

block picker mod

Enderman Launcher:

The Enderman launcher shoots endermen. It uses enderman spheres as ammo.

Other Items:

– Energy Gem Block. Used to store energy gems.
– Energy gem. Used in crafting.
– Energy ore. Generated pretty often. Used to get energy gems.
– Glass sphere. Used to craft mob spheres.


recipes minecraft mod downloadDownload Launcher Mod for 1.6.4:

1) Install forge using the Forge Installer if you haven’t already.
2) Extract the Launcher Mod .jar file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
3) Launch Minecraft
4) Before you push play, click on Edit Profile
5) Click Use Version and then select the version of Forge that you just installed.
6) Have fun!