News: 1.7 has been released!

Minecraft 1.7 has been released! This update brings many new items and features, including the highly anticipated pistons. The full list of changes can be found here and are:

+ Added pistons
+ Fire or redstone is now required to trigger TNT
+ Fences can be stacked
+ Added shears
+ Shears can be used to pick up leaf blocks
+ Shears can be used to shear sheep without hurting them
* Sheep no longer drop wool from being punched
– Removed Herobrine

Of course, that means all of the current mods besides texture packs are now broken and will need to be updated. Updated mods for 1.7 will be posted as soon as they are ready.

Update: 1.7.1 has been released. This update fixes a bug with pistons.