Add Mutant Creepers to Minecraft with this Mod

Mutant Creeper Mod 1.2.5 minecraft

After a nuclear accident in the Minecraft world, creepers started to develop severe mutations. They also gained more health, more attacks, and the ability to spawn mini creeper minions. This mod also brings the ability to grow your own mini creeper minions that will follow and defend you!


Direct Attack: With the direct attack, the mutant creeper will swing its head at you using its long neck and hit you.

creeper mods for minecraft Jump Attack

Jump Attack: With the jump attack, the creeper will jump high into the air and explodes as it lands.


Mutant Creepers have the ability to heal themselves after large explosions, unless these explosions are from other Mutant Creepers. TNT traps are not effective against them!

Powered Creepers:

Powered Creepers mods for 1.2.5

The Powered Creepers is much more powerful than normal Mutant Creepers. They can spawn minions that are powered as well.


Angry Mutant Creepers have the ability to spawn mini creeper minions. They will then order the minions to attack you.

You can also create your own minions! If you can successfully kill a Mutant Creeper will you get an egg:

Mutant Creeper Egg 1.2.5 hack minecraft

Right click on the egg to place it on your head and carry it around. Eggs can be stacked up. They will hatch in 3-5 days into:

Creeper Minion mod

It will follow you around and fight for you in survival mode. They won’t despawn.

Creeper Shards:

Creeper Shard sword mod

If you break an egg before it hatches, you will either get gunpowder or a Creeper Shard. The Creeper Shard is a sword that gains energy every time it hits a mob. Right clicking with the Shard in hand will create an explosion that the player is immune to.

Be careful though, the Creeper shard will occasionally poison the player for 5 seconds.

Download Mutant Creeper Minecraft Mod:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Merge the resources folder from the Mutant Creeper .zip file into the .minecraft/resources folder.
  3. Put the Mutant Creeper .zip file in the .minecraft/mods folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, run Minecraft once with Modloader installed.
  4. You’re done! This mod does not need ModLoader to work.