Decorate Minecraft with Useful Flowers with the Mo’ Foliage Mod

The Mo’ Foliage Mod adds 20 new plants to the game that spawn naturally. Some are biome specific and the flowers have special features and effects. These effects include hallucinations, health regeneration, and speed.


Dye Flowers:
Dye Flowers

Dye Flowers come in every color (excluding Red, Bone Meal, Yellow and Blue) and when put in the crafting table, will craft dye.

Magic Mushroom:
Magic Mushroom Minecraft

When eaten, the Magic Mushroom will distort your view and cause hallucinations. It can only be found in Swamplands.

Slimeball Pod:
Slimeball Pod

When a Slimeball Pod is broken it will drop a slimeball. Spawns in Extreme Hills and Swamplands.

XP Flower:
XP Flower

The XP Flower gives XP when broken and spawns everywhere.

Swiftness Pod:
Swiftness Pod

When eaten, the Swiftness Pod will give you a Speed III potion effect. It can only be found in the Tiaga biome.

Ender Pod:
Ender Pod Minecraft mods

Drops an Ender Pearl when dropped and broken. Only spawns in the Desert.

Love Pod:

This plant can only be found in the Jungle Biome. It regenerates health when eaten.

TNT Flower:
TNT Flower Minecraft mod for 1.3.2

When broken, the TNT Flower will blow up. It can only be found in the Desert.

Fire Pod:
Fire POd

When broken the Fire Pod will drop a new item. It only spawns in the desert.

When the item is eaten, it will heal your hunger but hurt your health. It can also be used as furnace fuel.

Lava Pod:
MO' FOLIAGE mod for 1.3.2

The Lava Pod only spawns in the Nether on Soul Sand.

Water Pod:
Water Pod

Spawns only in Extreme Hills.

Download Mo’ Foliage Mod for 1.3.2:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Drag the files from the Mo’ Foliage .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  3. Have fun!