Transform into any Mob with the Shape Shifting Mod (1.2.5)

Minecraft Shape Shifting Mod

This cool mod allows you to turn into any mob. Each mob has both advantages and disadvantages and will change your size. Transforming into a wolf will allow you to explore 1×1 tunnels that mobs like Creepers and Enderman can’t follow you into. This mod is compatible with both SMP and SSP.


Press ‘U’ in game to access bring up the mob selection menu.

Press ‘H’ to sit down as an Ocelot or Wolf.


Press ‘G’ to activate the special effect.

Chicken – Chickens have the ability to fly and will take no fall damage.
Wolf – Wolves move very fast. They also do 3 extra melee damage and sit down after not moving for awhile. They can also travel in 1×1 tunnels.
Ocelot – Very similar to wolves. Are fast, strong, and can travel in 1×1 tunnels.
Fish – Fish cannot drown and can see perfectly under water.
Creeper – Explode when ‘G’ is pressed. The explosion is more powerful than a normal creeper.
Enderman – Endermen can teleport to any block in sight by right clicking in the direction of that block. They also spawn with extra health and do 6 extra melee damage. Hostile mobs are no longer hostile but you will take damage when wet.
Blaze – Pressing ‘G’ fires a small fireball that can catch things on fire. It is immune to fire/lava and takes damage in water.
Ghasts – Ghasts are very similar to Blazes. However, they can fly and shoot a bigger fireball.
Giant – Giants are extremely powerful. They spawn with 50 HP and can destroy blocks in one hit. They can crush mobs by stepping on them and take no fall damage.
Snowman – Being a snowman is just like being human, except you leave a snow trail everywhere you go.
Spiders – Spiders are the ultimate mob for exploring mountainous terrain. They can climb walls and jump up two blocks at a time. They also deal extra melee damage.
Golem – You can whack mobs away from you and start with a lot of health.
Villager – Villagers are pretty useless. They are weaker than humans.

ocelot minecraft mods 1.2.5


This mod is compatible with SMP! Although not all of the special abilities work, you will appear as the mob of your choosing on most servers.

Multiplayer Menu 1.2.5 minecraft mods

Press ‘Y’ in SMP mode will bring up the multiplayer menu. Here you can change what other players look like to you. You can also choose to use their skin or the default skin for that mob.

Multiplayer Skins hack

Download Shape Shifter Minecraft Mod:



  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Drag the extracted files from the Shape Shifter .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  3. You’re done! This mod does not need ModLoader to work.