Mod: Record Minecraft Videos with the Minema Mod (1.2.5)

If you’ve ever attempted to record a Minecraft video, you know that even it can slow down even the fastest computers to a crawl. This results in a slow, choppy video. The Minema mod allows smooth recording.


To start or stop recording, press F4.

To capture one frame with the current settings, use. Ctrl + F4.

Download Minema Mod:

Minema Mod for 1.2.5
ModLoader for 1.2.5


  1. Find your minecraft.jar file. On Windows, this can be found by going to %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin.
  2. Open minecraft.jar in a program such as WinRar or 7-Zip.
  3. Delete META-INF from Minecraft.jar.
  4. Drag all of the extracted files from ModLoader into Minecraft.jar.
  5. Drag all of the files from the Minema Mod .zip file into the .minecraft directory.
  6. Close minecraft.jar, and have fun!