Mod: Make the Ecosystem Realistic with the Nature Overhaul Mod (1.8.1)

Are you tired of having a boring Minecraft ecosystem? The Nature Overhaul mod will change your Minecraft world into a living, dynamic world. Forests will grow, contract, and die. Saplings, plants, mushrooms, cactii, reeds, and pumpkins will plant themselves and flourish if the conditions are favorable. Your Minecraft world will be have an ever-changing, realistic environment.


  • Plants and trees will grow, spread, and die on their own based on biome.
  • Axes will cut down entire trees after breaking one wood block.
  • Apples drop from trees in temperate biomes.
  • Cocoa falls from trees in forests.
  • Growth rates are based on the biome.
  • Moss and grass with spread.
  • Includes the option to return to the old, infinite, fire behavior.
  • Water physics are updated to prevent buggy currents in the oceans.
  • Mushrooms will grow into mushroom trees assuming they have enough space.
  • Sheep will regrow their wool if left on tall grass.
  • Animals will mate if they are near each other.


Main Options:
When ForestGrowth is on, saplings and apples will generate from trees.

Tree Options:
ApplesGrow: Decides whether apples grow from trees.
AppleGrowthRate: Decides rate apples spawn at if -ApplesGrow- is on
Lumberjack: When enabled, trees will collapse into wood blocks from the point they were cut.
TreeGrowthRate: Determines the speed at which trees grow from saplings

Climate Options:
BiomeModifiedGrowth When on, plant and tree growth and death rates depend on biome

Plant and Mushroom Options

(Each type of plant has a sub menu similar to the two below options)
Turn on PlantsGrow to enable plants such as flowers, mushrooms, reeds, pumpkins and cactii to reproduce and plant themselves.
PlantGrowthRate- controls the speed at which plants reproduce.

Sapling Options:
AutoSapling: When enabled, saplings will automatically plant themselves.
FastSapling: When enabled, saplings will fly further and faster
GrowthRate: Determines how fast saplings are generated from trees
SaplingDeath: Saplings that plant in an invalid location die, or they can die randomly, and die based on biome/ proximity to other trees.

Misc Options:
Moss Grows: Moss spreads naturally across cobble when on
Moss Growth Rate: The higher, the fast moss spreads
Infinite Fire: Fire only stops when it runs out of blocks to burn when on
Fix Water Bug: Fixes water and when on, if you collect water from a pool of water that is more than 1 block deep, there will be no strange currents left behind.

Nature Overhaul Mod for 1.8.1
ModLoader for 1.8.1


  1. Close Minecraft.
  2. Go to Minecraft.jar. You can find this in Windows in C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin.
  3. Open Minecraft.jar with a program such as WinRar or 7-zip.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder.
  5. Drag the files from the Modloader .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  6. Drag the files from the ModOptionsAPI Mod .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  7. Close Minecraft.jar and Run Minecraft.
  8. Close Minecraft and drag the files from the Nature Overhaul .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  9. Close Minecraft.jar and have fun!