Mod: Add Zombies to Minecraft with the Mo’ Zombies Mod (1.7.3)

The Mo’ Zombies mod is one of the simpler Minecraft mods, it has potential to be an awesome mod. It currently adds 5 zombies to Minecraft each with different strengths and item drops. This version is compatible with 1.7.3.


Mo’ Zombies for 1.7.3 (Version 0.8)


  1. Find your minecraft.jar file. On Windows, this can be found by going to %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin.
  2. Open minecraft.jar in a program such as WinRar or 7-Zip.
  3. Delete the META-INF folder from Minecraft.jar.
  4. Drag all of the files from the extracted download into Minecraft.jar.
  5. Close Minecraft.jar and have fun!


The Mo’ Zombies Mod currently adds 5 zombies to Minecraft. They are:

Zombie Notch:

Although Zombie Notch moves slowly, it is very powerful. It will kill you in one hit. If you do manage to kill it, it will drop 0-4 red apples. Sunlight will burn it.

Zombie Miner: 

The Zombie Miner moves the same speed as the miner and has the same attack strength. This zombie will not burn in sunlight. Defeating this zombie will give you 0-3 iron pickaxes.

Cookie Zombie:

The Cookie Zombie is dangerous because of its quick speed. When it attacks, it takes 1 heart. This zombie drops 0-4 cookies when killed.

Zombie Creeper:

The Zombie Creeper is similar to a creeper. It is burned by daylight and blows up when attacked. When killed, it will drop 0-4 TNT blocks.

Zombie Pirate:

The Zombie Pirate deals massive damage when it attacks. It also doesn’t burn in daylight. However, it will drop 0-4 gold ingots when killed.