Mod: Add New Mobs to Minecraft with the Mo’ Creatures Mod (1.8.1)

Mo' creatures mod hack cheat for 1.8.1 adds new creatures to Minecraft

Mobs are one the coolest features of Minecraft, but they are a bit lacking in variety. The Mo’ Creatures Mod for Minecraft fixes this by adding more than 20 new interactive mobs to Minecraft including sharks, lions, bears, ogres, bunnies, and more! This mod is compatible with the newest version of Minecraft, 1.8.1


To install this mod, first download GUI API, Modloader, Audiomod, and Mo’ Creatures. Once you’ve download these files, follow these simple steps:

    Backup your minecraft.jar file.
    Open minecraft.jar with a program like winrar or 7-zip.
    Copy all the files and folders from “\minecraft\” to the minecraft.jar file.
    Delete the META-INF folder
    Close your minecraft.jar
    Locate the .minecraft\resources\ folder (where Minecraft is installed)
    Look inside the “\resources\”, copy all its contents to the folder .minecraft\resources\
    Have fun!

This is an amazing mod that is sure to provide hours of fun. You can tame horses, feed birds, raise baby sharks, and more! These videos will give you an idea on some of the many possibilities.