Mod: Add New Creepers to Minecraft with the Wacky Creepers Mod (1.2.5)

Wacky Creepers adds 8 new variations of Creepers. Each Creeper has unique behaviors and drops. This mod should be compatible with every other mod.


Firework Creeper:
Minecraft fireworks creeper mod 1.2.5

When the Firework Creeper is hit, it will launch itself into the air at high speeds and then explode in a big bunch of colorful explosions! Fireworks creeper spawn on beaches, in the desert, or on frozen ocean. Be careful though, if you hit the Firework Creeper near a tree or building, it can catch them on fire.

Creeper Explosion hack

Poisonous Creeper:
Poison Creeper minecraft mods

The Poisonous Creeper will explode into a cloud of noxious gas when they are killed. This gas will poison and eventually kill the player. They drop rotten flesh and mushrooms upon death.

Nature Creeper:
Nature Creeper mod 1.2.5 texture pack flying

Although the Nature Creeper looks similar to a normal creeper, they are much more friendly. When they explode they will spread tall grass and flowers onto any grass. They will also heal the player.

Magic Creeper:
Magic Creeper 1.2.5 Mod

Magic Creepers fly and cast spells on the player. These spells cause a random potion effect. When they die they will drop a random potion.

Flash Creeper:
Flash Creeper mod for MInecraft wacky elemental

The Flash Creepers explodes in a flash of smoke and light. This explosion doesn’t do any damage but does temporarily blind the player. Because these Creepers don’t die on explosion, they are especially dangerous when around other Creepers.

Water Creepers:
Water Creepers minecraft hack

Water Creepers live in oceans, rivers, and lakes. When they explode they fill their explosion holes with water. When killed they drop raw fish.

Party Creeper:
Party Creeper MInecraft mods

The Party Creepers are friendly mobs who just like to have fun. They explode into a cloud of rainbow confetti and leave behind a cake. They appear in all biomes.

Ninja Creeper:
Ninja minecraft mod hack

The Ninja Creeper disguises itself as other types of creepers. They will slowly sneak up to you and when they get close enough they will take off their disguises and attack from above! They are quick and agile. If you manage to hit one they will teleport away. Because they are so had to defeat, they drop the best rewards. They spawn in forests (both normal and icy) and in swamps.

Download Wacky Creepers Mod:

Wacky Creepers Mod for 1.2.5
ModLoader for 1.2.5


  1. Install ModLoader if your haven’t done so already.
  2. Drag the extracted file from the Wacky Creepers .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  3. Close Minecraft.jar and enjoy!