Mod: Add Koi to Minecraft with this Mod (1.8.1)

koi mob mod 1.8.1 best mods online

This Minecraft mod adds koi mobs to the game. Koi are awesome looking creatures that can be used to make fish tanks or koi ponds. They also occasionally spawn items.


Koi spawn in fresh water near mountains, plains, and forests. They will not spawn in rivers, oceans, deserts, or swamps.

Each koi will spawn a different item. It will begin to spawn the item once you feed it that item.

Koi flakes can be crafted from mushrooms or flowers. Place two mushrooms/flowers in a shapeless recipe of either color. Throw them at koi and they will eat them.

Koi eggs can be received from koi by killing them. They will drop between 1-3 eggs. One egg can spawn up to 4 koi.

Fish tank mod 1.8.1

You can catch Koi and place them in a fish tank.

koi pond minecraft mod

Or use them to decorate your garden with a koi pond.

Fish koi hack catch and release

Catch koi with a fishing pole.


Koi tancho minecraft 1.8.1

Size: Medium
Drops: Redstone Dust
Rarity: Common
Special: None

Kawarimono koi pond mod tank fish

Size: Medium
Drops: Coal
Rarity: Fairly Common
Special: None

Shusui koi

Size: Medium
Drops: Clay
Rarity: Fairly Common
Special: None

chagoi top minecraft mods for 1.8.1

Size: Medium
Drops: Apple
Rarity: Sorta Common
Special: None

doitsu minecraft mod

Size: Medium
Drops: String
Rarity: Sorta Common
Special: None


Size: Medium/Small
Drops: Iron Bar
Rarity: Sorta Rare
Special: None

Koi minecraft mod 1.8.1

Size: Tiny
Drops: Glowstone Dust
Rarity: Rare
Special: Perfect for small tanks

Moon koi fish mod

Size: Large
Drops: Gold Bar
Rarity: Rare
Special: Bioluminescent

Dragon minecraft mod koi 1.8.1

Size: Large
Drops: Diamond
Rarity: Rarest
Special: Bioluminescent

Koi Mob Mod for 1.8.1
ModLoader for 1.8.1


  1. Close Minecraft.
  2. Go to Minecraft.jar. You can find this in Windows in C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin.
  3. Open Minecraft.jar with a program such as WinRar or 7-zip.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder.
  5. Drag the files from the Modloader .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  6. Drag the files from the Koi Mob Mod .zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  7. Close Minecraft.jar and have fun!