Minecraft 1.6.1 has been Released!

Minecraft has been updated to version 1.6.1! This version brings new mobs like horses and mules. It also brings new items like carpets and hay bales, along with a slew of bug fixes and tweaks. This version requires you to download the new launcher. Download here or here for windows.

Complete Changelog:


  • New Resource Packs
    • Replace texture packs
    • Also allow for language packs and sounds to be changed
  • Re-enabled crash reporting
  • Improved internal chat mechanics


  • Added and improved a few commands
    • ‘/spreadplayers’ to spread players/teams around a given coordinate with
  • Added and changed many minor things
    • Natural health regeneration now costs hunger/saturation points
    • Improved riding things: dismounting is now only possible by sneaking, mob health is displayed when ridden and ridden things can no longer be hit
    • The Respiration enchant now improves sight underwater
    • Swords no longer break blocks in Creative mode
    • Regional difficulty: The longer players spend in one area, the harder the mobs there get
  • Added and changed some effects:
      • Instant Health was nerfed by 33%
      • Regeneration was nerfed by 50%
      • Health Boost adds 2 extra hearts per level
      • Absorption adds 2 non-regenerating golden hearts per level which reappear every 30 seconds
      • Saturation fills up players’ hunger bars and saturation
  • Fixed many bugs

World Generation:

  • Chests now generate in Nether Fortresses. Screenshot
  • Small water lakes no longer spawn in deserts. Screenshot

Blocks and Items:


  • Horses
    • Screenshots
    • To tame, ride them and get thrown off a few times until hearts appear
    • Can only be bred using Golden Apples & Golden Carrots
    • Drop Leather when killed
    • Health can be restored using Bread, Sugar, Hay Bales, Wheat, Apples, Golden Apples and Golden Carrots
    • Players riding saddled Horses are granted full control over the Horse’s movement
    • Color, style, maximum health, jump height and speed vary between Horses
    • Open your inventory, right click a Horse or press the inventory key while holding LSHIFT and looking at a Horse to access their inventory to deal with their storage, armor and saddle
  • Donkeys
    • Like Horses, but can carry Chests with 15 slots on their Saddles
  • Mules
    • Obtained by breeding a Horse with a Donkey