Minecraft 1.4.4 has Been Released!

Minecraft has been updated to 1.4.4. This updates brings many improvements over 1.4.2 including:

Over 120 bugs and glitches fixed
The missing song “where are we now” is now available, but called “wait”
Random falling damage due to lag fixed
Falling damage when riding minecarts fixed
Enchanted book exploit fixed
Squids now suffocate on land
Slimes have correct collision box
Signs no longer lose their text client-side
Added /enchant command
Arrows now stick in players

The complete changelog from 1.4.2 to 1.4.4 can be found here.

Updating to 1.4.4 will break old mods, so back up your 1.4.2 Minecraft.jar if you can. Mods will be updated to 1.4.4 soon.