Make Minecraft Easier with the Cheating Essentials Pack (1.6.1)

The Cheating Essentials Mod for 1.5.2 makes Minecraft easier by adding cheats such as Xray, Fast Walking, Instant Killing, and more. These cheats allow you to do things that can’t be done in vanilla Minecraft like reaching the farlands. This mod is compatible with both single and multiplayer, but use it responsibly.

– Fly
– Xray
– Fullbright
– Enchantments [Only for GUI console]
– Invencible
– Autohealth
– Killaura!
– Waterwalk!
– FastPlace
– FasterWalk
– Auto-Respawn! (Skip the holy death screen)
– And more!


Press the G key to open the GUI:
Minecraft Cheating Essentials Mod GUI

1.6.1 mod cheating essentials


minecraft cheating essentials hacking

minecraft cheats

Download Cheating Essentials Mod for 1.6.1

1) Go to the %appdata%/.minecraft/versions folder.
2) Copy the folder named 1.6.1 and paste as 1.6.1Modded so there are now two copies.
3) Enter new directory and rename the jar and json files to 1.6.1Modded.
4) Open the json file in Notepad and change:
“id”: “1.6.1”,
“id”: “1.6.1Modded”,
5) Now drag the files from the Cheating Essentials .zip file into the 1.6.1Modded.jar
6) Before you push play, click on Edit Profile
7) Select Use Version and then click on 1.6.1Modded.