Make a CubeWorld with this Mod (1.7.4)

The CubeWorld mod for 1.7.4 breaks up your world into glass cubes. Each cube has a separate biome inside, complete with mobs and dungeons. If you travel to the Nether you will also find that the area is broken up into cubes, and even glowstone is in its own cube.


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Download the CubeWorld Mod for 1.7.4:


  1. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft/versions.
  2. You should see a folder named 1.7.2. Make a copy of it, and rename the copy to Cube_World_1.7.2.
  3. Inside the new folder, you should see a file called 1.7.2.jar. Rename it to Cube_World_1.7.2.jar.
  4. Inside the new folder, you should also see a file called 1.7.2.json. Rename it to Cube_World_1.7.2.json.
  5. Open the Cube_World_1.7.2.json file using Notepad or Wordpad.
  6. Inside that file, there will be a line saying “Id”: “1.7.2”. Change that to say “Id”: “Cube_World_1.7.2”. Then save and close the file.
  7. Open Cube_World_1.7.2.jar using a program like 7 Zip or WinZip. Copy all of the Files in the zip folder you downloaded into Cube_World_1.7.2.jar, and then delete the META-INF folder from within Cube_World_1.7.2.jar.
  8. Open the Minecraft launcher, and create a new profile. In the box that says “Use version”, select “Cube_World_1.7.2”. If you don’t see it under versions, You may have missed one of steps.
  9. Start Minecraft using that new profile, and create a new world. Set that world’s world type to “Cube World”, and create it. It may take a little while longer than usual to load.
  10. You’re ready!