FrozenCraft (1.8.)

FrozenCraft for 1.8 adds new armor, items, characters, and more from Frozen. Using these items will give you the same powers as Elsa.

New Armor

Elsa’s Armor (Much stronger than diamond armor)

Anna’s Armor (Stronger than diamond, but weaker than Elsa’s Armor)

Kristoff’s Armor (Same as Anna’s Armor)

Hans’ Armor (Same as diamond armor)

When the entire Elsa Armor is equipped, you gain the ability to walk on water and lava (the water will change to ice underfoot and lava into obsidian). You also gain Elsa’s power and can shoot an “ice bolt” that will do some damage and turn any block it touches into an ice block so be very careful. You must learn to control your powers.

New Items

Hans’ Sword – 6.5 damage – Between iron and diamond sword

Kristoff’s Pickaxe – Equal to a diamond pickaxe

Elsa’s Glove – Shoots infinite snowballs when right clicked

Ice Saw – Used to break ice, but is also an axe and shovel in one

Frozen Heart – 5% chance of dropping when Hard Ice is mined with the Ice Saw

New Blocks:

Hard Ice

New Mobs:

Duke of Weselton
The Duke’s Thugs

Elsa Crafting Recipes:

Anna Crafting Recipes:

Kristoff Crafting Recipes:

Hans Crafting Recipes:

Download the FrozenCraft Mod for 1.8:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Open Minecraft.jar using Winrar and delete the META-INF folder
  3. If you haven’t already installed Forge, drag the files from the forge zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  4. Run Minecraft once
  5. Drag the mod .jar file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
  6. Play!