Explore the Far Cry 3 World with this Map and Texture Pack

This map brings the entire Far Cry 3 world to Minecraft. The texture pack modifies the blocks, mobs, weapons and tools to look more like the Far Cry 3 world. It also includes the characters, Vaas, Jason, and Citra. There are over 50 easter eggs from the game that can be found on this map. Even if you aren’t a fan of this series, this is still a fun map to explore.

Far Cry 3 Mod for 1.4.2

Minecraft mods for 1.4.2

Download Far Cry 3 Mod:


  1. Drag the files from the Farcry-3-minecraft-map.zip file into the .minecraft/saves folder.
  2. Drag the Farcry_3_textures.zip into your Texture Pack folder