Celebrate the Holidays in Minecraft with the Christmas Craft Mod (1.4.5)

The Christmas Craft Mod for 1.4.5 gives the Minecraft world a Christmas theme. It adds Christmas themed mobs, items, and decorations. It also adds more snow into the biomes.


– Colder biomes with more snow!
– New items and recipes for delicious Christmas-time treats!
– A Christmas Tree Stand on which to grow your very own Christmas tree!
– Decorations, such as Christmas ornaments, wreaths, stockings, and redstone-powered Christmas lights!
– The ability to wrap up nearly any item as a Christmas present, and give it as an item or place it like a block!
– A new semi-rare friendly mob, the Creeper Claus! Kill him to get special Christmas spices.
– Santa’s helpers, the Ender Elves, are here to deliver presents!
– Perhaps even a visit from Santa himself??
– You can wrap up enchanted and renamed items as presents!
– Three all-new holiday music discs!
– Snow and ice will melt after the holidays are over.

Christmas Tree

Craft a Christmas Tree Stand, sprinkle some bonemeal on top, and you’ll have a festive holiday tree! Don’t forget to cover it in ornaments!

Stocking christmas craft mod

Hang up your stocking before you go to bed. When you wake up, you may find that Santa has brought you something.

Creeper Claus minecraft mod download for 1.4.5

The Creeper Claus is friendly and drops Christmas Spices when killed.

Ender Elves

Ender Elves can be found preparing presents.

Christmas Tree Stand:
Christmas Tree Stand

Just set it down and sprinkle some bonemeal on the top!


Christmas Stocking:
Christmas Stocking

Hang up your stocking and hope that Santa visits while you sleep!

Christmas Lights:
Christmas Lights

Hang them on your house and trees and hook them up to redstone.

Christmas Ornament:
Christmas Ornament

Hang them from your Christmas tree, or any leafy material!

Decorative Star:
Decorative Star

Christmas Gift:
Christmas Gift 1.4.5 mods minecraft

Fill the center slot with any item to wrap it up. Place it on a crafting table to unwrap it.

Candy Cane:
Candy Cane

Chocolate Milk:
Chocolate Milk

Hot Cocoa:
Hot Cocoa christmas mod

Gingerbread Cookie:
Gingerbread Cookie

Requires Christmas spices.

eggnog minecraft mod download 1.4.5

Fruitcake minecraft mod 1.4.5 christmascraft

Download Christmas Craft Mod for 1.4.5:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the forge .zip files into Minecraft.jar if you haven’t already
  4. Copy ChristmasCraft_2.0.6.jar into your Minecraft “mods” directory.
  5. Have a merry Christmas!