Catch and Train Dragons with the Dragon Catcher Mod (1.4.5)

The Dragon Catcher mod for 1.4.5 adds wild dragons to the game. These dragons can be caught and trained to fight for you. Each biome has unique dragons that have different abilities and powers.

New Items:
Dragonstone – This dark, stone-like rock is a favorite of dragons. Dragonstone can be found in the stone near the surface. Aside from being a component in dragon-commanding gemstones, your tame dragons will associate areas near these stones as ‘home’ when told to sit.

Iron Pyrite – Veins of this ore can be found often when mining. Smelted Iron Pyrite can be used as treats for dragons that also boosts their experience.

Dragon Crystal – These translucent crystals can be found while mining. They can be crafted into gems of their respective color, which are both tasty and useful for dragons.

Crystal Gems – Crafted in a 4×4 pattern from mined crystal blocks. Feed them to dragons for an experience boost, or use them in recipes.

Gemstone Dust – Crafting a shapeless recipe with one of each of the three gem colors will give dragons a little experience boost. It is also what gives enchanted bottles their magical properties.

Enchanted Bottles – Put gemstone dust and a glass bottle in the crafting grid, and you will get a bottle with the ability to store a tamed dragon for an indefinite time.

Deep Gem – Unlike the three basic gemstones, this artificial gem is made by surrounding a block of Dragonstone with eight blocks of plain old dirt. Tame dragons will sit when clicked on with this gem.

Wander Gem – The second artificial gem is made using Dragonstone surrounded by cobblestone. Tame dragons will wander freely when clicked on with this gem.

Dragon Flank – A piece of meat dropped when you kill dragons. You can leave it raw, or put it in the furnace to cook it, but whatever you do, don’t feed it to your dragons. They won’t like it in the slightest and will turn against you.

There are many types of dragons, marked by their varying colours and habitats. They can vary in base strength and attack. Be careful when your aim is to kill them, any nearby dragons will respond to a threat to their own kind.

Taming – Your dragon will need to be convinced to stay by your side! You can offer it diamonds, gold apples, nuggets or ingots. They also react to the dragon treats, listed in the following section. When tamed, even aggressive dragons will cease their attacks on you and will fight for you.

Training – There are two ways your dragons can grow and become stronger: killing other mobs, or being fed treats. The latter include gems, pyrite ingots, and gem dust.The more you train your dragon, the better they will be at fighting monsters and defending your villages!

Feeding – Although they have a fondness for gems and metals, dragons are primarily carnivores. If you can feed it to a wolf, you can feed it to a dragon. If you see your dragons with sad, droopy wings, it’s time to feed it!

Sitting and Home – By crafting a Deep Gem, you now have the power to make your dragons sit. Just right click on them while holding the gem and they will be fixated on the shiny object until you return for them.

Wandering – When right clicked on with a Wander Gem, dragons will wander on their own and not teleport to your side. If they have a ‘home’ they will not wander far from this location. To return a dragon to your side, you will have to find it and click on it again with the Wander Gem.

Riding – If you give a dragon a saddle, you will be able to ride these little creatures and control their direction. They can even fly!

Breeding – Oddly enough, dragons get into the breeding mood when fed wheat. Most of the time the little baby will resemble one of it’s parents, but they can also take on traits from their environment.

Other Interactions – Some dragon types react to specific items. If you find a white dragon in an abandoned mine shaft, see what happens when you try to dye it, or feed your nether dragons something fiery! You may be surprised with the results!

Dragon Catching Mod 1.4.5 minecraft

Download Dragon Catcher Mod for 1.4.5:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the forge .zip files into Minecraft.jar
  4. Drag the Drag Catcher .zip file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
  5. Enjoy!