Build your own AirCraft with the Haribote AirCraft Mod (1.5.1)

The Haribote AirCraft Mod is a Japanese mod that adds a new controller block to Minecraft. This blocks can be attached to any object to turn it into a functional Aircraft.


First craft the controller:

Then place it on any material. It will turn that material and anything attached to it into an aircraft.

Then use the arrow keys to fly the aircraft.

Download Haribote AirCraft Mod for 1.5.1:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Open Minecraft.jar up using Winrar and delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the forge zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  4. Run Minecraft once
  5. Drag the files from the YMBLite and Haribote AirCraft mod .zip files into the Minecraft.jar.
  6. Have Fun!