Attach Mobs to Fireworks with the Mob Rocket Mod (1.6.4)

The Mob Rocket mod for 1.6.4 is a Japanese mod that lets you launch mobs into the air using fireworks. Perfect for celebrating the new year while clearing your world of mobs.


First craft a Mob Rocket. Then right click on any mob with the rocket to send it into the air.

mob rocket minecraft 1.6.4 mods


Mob rocket mod recipe 1.6.4

You can use any firework with any effect to craft the rocket.

Download Mob Rocket Mod for 1.6.4:

1) Install forge using the Forge Installer.
2) Drag the Mob Rocket file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
3) Launch Minecraft
4) Before you push play, click on Edit Profile
5) Select Use Version and then select the version of Forge that you just installed.
6) Have fun!