Add new, useful blocks to the game with the New Blocks Mod (1.4.6)

The New Blocks Mod for 1.4.6 adds 4 new blocks to the game. These functional blocks can be used to make traps, process items, and more.

The Allocator:

The Allocator acts like a pipe for items. It sucks in items at the input and throws them out at the output. It doesn’t store items. The side with the down arrow is the input. It can input items from and output items to chests, furnaces, dispensers, and storage minecarts.


The Allocator Recipe minecraft 1.4.6 mods blocks

The Allocator Recipe

The Jump Pad:
Items and players/mobs that touch it will be thrown into the air. Acts like a trampoline.

new blocks mod jump pad for 1.4.6 minecraft

Jump Pad Recipe

The Chest Trap:

Chest Trap Recipe download minecraft 1.4.6 mods

Chest Trap Recipe

The Fan:
The Fan continuously pushed items and players/mobs when it is powered by redstone.

Fan Recipe mod

Fan Recipe

Download New Blocks Mod for 1.4.6:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the modloader .zip files into Minecraft.jar if you haven’t already
  4. Extract the files from the blocks mod .zip file into Minecraft.jar
  5. Have fun!