Add New Ores, Items, and Dimension with this Mod (1.6.4)

The Miners Deluxe mod for 1.6.4 helps the player when mining underground by adding new ores, items, tools, blocks, and weapons to the game. These new materials can be found in the new mining dimension to the game. It also adds throwable explosives.

the experience and player has when underground.

Grand Mine Dimension:

Deluxe Miners 1.6.4 download cave

The Grand Mine Dimension is a giant cave that is packed with all ores. It’s home to Burning Diamond, Benitoite, as well as regular diamond. Redstone, gold, coal, and iron. Beware of the cave snakes that will sneak up behind you.

The portal to the Grand Mine is crafted like the nether portal, replacing obsidian with gem blocks and lighting with a gem fire starter.

New Gems:

Can be mined in the overworld and crafted into blocks.

– Andradite
– Amethyst
– Ruby
– Sapphire
– Orthoclase
– Onyx
– Topaz
– Pyrite
– Iridium
– Tourmaline
– Bloodstone (found in the Nether)
– Burning Diamond (found in the Grand Mine)
– Benitoite (found in the Grand Mine)

New Materials:

– Steel (made by placing 3 iron ingots in the crafting table)
– Gem Dust (made by placing a gem in the crafting table)
– Grand Crystal Shard (found in Grand Mine by breaking a Grand Crystal)

New Blocks:

– Ores for gems
– Blocks for gems (crafted with gem in 3×3)
– Gem Block (crafted with gem dust in 3×3) (used for the Grand Mine portal)
– Glass (crafted with 8 glass around one of the first six listed gems)
– Glowing Glass (crafted with that glass plus glowstone dust)
– Grand Crystal Block
– Colored torches (crafted by putting one of the first six listed gems above a stick)
– Doom Shroom and Fire Shroom

New Items:

– Microbomb Gem (crafted with Andradite, Amethyst and Ruby)
– Bomb Gem (crafted with Sapphire, Orthoclase and Onyx)
– Macrobomb Gem (crafted with Topaz, Iridium and Bloodstone)
– Nuclear Gem (crafted with microbomb, bomb, and macrobomb gems and benitoite)
– Micro Mining Bomb Gem (crafted with microbomb and burning diamond pickaxe)
(All explosive gems are thrown like snowballs, causing their own size explosions on impact)
– Gem Fire Starter (crafted with Flint and Steel + gem dust)

New Tool/Weapon Materials:

– Burning Diamond (super fast)
– Steel
– Obsidian (Lasts longer than diamond)

New Armor:

Crafted like any other armor.

– Burning Diamond (effects: regeneration, resistance, fire resistance)
– Steel (effect: speed)
– Andradite (effect: mining speed)
– Amethyst (effect: strength)
– Ruby (effect: fire resistance)
– Sapphire (effect: water breathing)
– Orthoclase (effect: jump boost)
– Onyx (effect: night vision)
– Tourmaline (effect: regeneration)

Download Miners’ Deluxe mod for 1.6.4:


1) Install forge using the Forge Installer if you haven’t already.
2) Extract the Miners’ Deluxe mod .jar file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
3) Launch Minecraft
4) Before you push play, click on Edit Profile
5) Click Use Version and then select the version of Forge that you just installed.
6) Have fun!