Add New Mobs, Items, and Buildings with the Derpy Squids Mod (1.5)

The Derpy Squid mods adds new features to the game that all revolve around squids. It adds new mobs, items, buildings, and biomes.

Derpy Squid Mod Features:

New Armor:

minecraft ink sac

1.5 mods  derpy squids

Minecraft 1.5 mods armor

Minecraft derpy squids mod armor

New Tools/Weapons:

Minecraft derpy squids weapons

Squid Gun:

New Mobs:

Baby squids:

Flying squid:

A squid that can fly out of the water.

Squid Man:

Explosive squid:

Explodes when it takes damage.

Squid Wolf:
First craft a summoner:

Then use a golden ink sac on the squid wolf to tame it.

Extra Derpy Squid:
Minecraft 1.5 mods squids download

Cling to your head when attacked and don’t drop anything.

Squid Boss:

They can be found in towers:

Download Derpy Squid Mod for 1.5:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the forge zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  4. Drag the files from the Derpy file into Minecraft.jar.
  5. Have fun!