Add New Magic Tools to the Game with this Mod (1.5.2)

The Magic Utilities Mod for 1.5.2 adds new tools to the game that help make the survial mode of Minecraft slightly less tedious. These tools are powerful, but expensive.

New Items:

Unstable Core:

The unstable core is used to craft each of the magic utilities.

unstable core recipe

Time Manipulator:

Right clicking with this item will jump time forward slightly. Hold right click and you will scroll through time.

Time manipulator mod recipe 1.5.2

Sustinance Calibrator:

When used, this item drains some of your health and gives it to your hunger.

sustenance calibrator 1.5.2 mods

Vial of Life:

The Vial of Life provides unlimited bonemeal.

vial of life

Weather Disruptor:

When used, this item will turn rain on or off.

weather disrupter

Life Extractor:

When used, this item will take health away from your opponent and transfer it to you.

minecraft mods recipe

Bag of Unstable Air:

This bag of air will propel you into the air when you right click with it. It also softens falls.

unstable air magic utilities 1.5.2

Battle Pig:

battle pig

Right clicking with this item on the ground will spawn an Attack Pig to defend you from hostile mobs.

attack pig mod download 1.5.2

Download Magic Utilities Mod for 1.5.2:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Open Minecraft.jar using Winrar and delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the forge zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  4. Run Minecraft once
  5. Drag the Magic Utilites .zip file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
  6. Have Fun!