Add Little Blocks to Minecraft with the Little Blocks Mod (1.2.5)

The Tiny Blocks Mod for Minecraft adds tiny blocks to the game. These blocks are 1/512 the size of normal blocks. They can be used to build anything from detailed objects to mini towns.


Tiny Blocks Mod 1.2.5 Fireplace

To create tiny blocks, just place a single block of any material except for water, lava, or beds into the the crafting table. They can be placed anywhere like normal blocks.

Download Little Blocks mod:

Downloader Server Version:
Little Blocks for 1.2.5 Servers


  1. Find your minecraft.jar file. On Windows, this can be found by going to %APPDATA%/.minecraft/bin.
  2. Backup your minecraft.jar
  3. Open minecraft.jar in a program such as WinRar or 7-Zip
  4. Move the files from the ModLoader .zip file into your minecraft.jar file
  5. Drag the files from inside the Tiny Blocks .zip file into Minecraft.jar
  6. Close minecraft.jar, and run Minecraft