Add Godzilla to Minecraft with this Mod (1.6.2)

The Godzilla mod for 1.6.2 adds a powerful monster to the game. Because diamond weapons are almost useless against this beast, this mod also adds a new weapon that can be used to kill Godzilla. When killed, you can harvest scales from him to craft a super strong armor.

Godzilla Mod Crafting recipe 1.6.2

Godzilla mods

Download Godzilla Mod for 1.6.2:


1) Install forge using the Forge Installer.
2) Extract the Godzilla .jar file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
3) Launch Minecraft
4) Before you push play, click on Edit Profile
5) Click Use Version and then select the version of Forge that you just installed.
6) Have fun!