Add Creepypasta Monsters to Minecraft with this Mod

Creepypasta are short scary stories that are often reposted online. The Creepypasta mod adds some of the scariest characters from these stories into the game. It currently adds 8 monsters to the game. Most of these are extremely dangerous, but some are friendly and will even let you ride them if you are lucky.


Monsters can appear randomly and can also be spawned. To spawn a monster, you will need to print out monster archives using a computer. First craft a computer:
Minecraft mods creepy pasta recipe

Then insert paper into the computer to print out a random monster archive. These archives can be used by right clicking while holding one.


Jeff the Killer mods for 1.3.2 1.4

Jeff the Killer has a powerful knife that can be obtained by having Jane the Killer murder him. Jeff has 20 points of health and can be found in forests.

Jane the Killer mods

Jane is a peaceful character with 20 points of health.

The Rake minecraft 1.4

The Rake has 24 hearts of health.

smile dogs

Don’t look him in the eyes! He has over 9000 health and rarely spawns in forests.


The Mothman has 20 points of health.


Slenderman is very hard to kill.


Has 20 hearts of health.


The Strider is peaceful and has 9001 hearts of health.

Download CreepyPasta Craft Mod for 1.3.2:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF file inside Minecraft.jar
  3. Install ModLoader if your haven’t done so already.
  4. Drag the files from inside the CreepyPasta Craft .zip file into Minecraft.jar
  5. Have fun!