Add Camping Supplies to Minecraft with this Mod (1.5.1)

The Camping Mod for 1.5.1 adds camping themed items, mobs, and structures to the game.

Camping Mod Features:

Camper’s tool:
Camping mod tool 1.5.1

The Campers’ tool is used to rotate tents, retrieve a campfire, and take apart tents without breaking them.

minecraft fire download 1.5.1 mod

The Decoration Campfire:
Decoration Campfire camping 1.5.1 mod

Looks like a normal fire.

Multi Cooking Campfire:

Can cook 6 things at the same time 2.5 times slower than usual. Right click on it to use it like a furnace.

Fast Cooking Campfire:
blue fire campfire mod download

Cooks 1 item at a time 7 times faster than usual.

‚ÄčThe Cheap Cooking Campfire:

The Cheap Cooking campfire cooks 2 items a time 4 times slower than usual. It doesn’t use any fuel and there is a chance that your item will be destroyed.

‚ÄčThe Insta Cooking Campfire:
insta cooking mod download

This campfire cooks items instantly without using any fuel. Can also catch mobs on fire.


Marshmallow stick:

Sleeping Bag:
Minecraft mod 1.5.1 sleeping bag

Right click a normal tent to make a sleeping tent.

Tent Pegs:
tent pegs



Can only be placed down if there is room. Rotate with the tool.

minecraft mod tent 1.5.1

Storage Tent:

To make it right click a tent with a chest. Has 36 slots to store items.

There are 3 different backpacks: small, normal, and large. They have 9, 18, and 27 slots respectively. You can store anything in backpacks except for more backpacks.


You will find campers wandering near camp sites that spawn throughout the world.

camper camping 1.5.1 download mod

You can buy and sell from them.

Sell list:
The Camper’s tool: 1 emerald for 1-2 items
Small camping bag: 2-4 emeralds for 1 item
Camping Bag: 4-8 emeralds for 1 item
Large Camping Bag: 6-12 emeralds for 1 item
The guide books: 1-3 emeralds for 1 item

Buy list:
Radish: 8-16 for 1 emerald
Marshmallows: 4-8 for 1 emerald
Marshmallow food: 8-12 for 1 emerald
Radish seeds: 12-24 for 1 emerald
Tent pegs: 10-20 for 1 emerald
Sleeping bag: 2-4 for 1 emerald

World gen:

You will find random campsites spawned througout the world.

– They spawn in forests and plains.
– The normal campfire has a 70% chance to spawn
– The multi cooking has campfire a 9% chance to spawn
– The fast cooking campfire has a 9% chance to spawn
– The cheap campfire has a 9% chance to spawn
– The insta cooking campfire has a 3% chance to spawn

Download Camping Mod for 1.5.1:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Delete the META-INF folder
  3. Drag the files from the forge zip file into Minecraft.jar.
  4. Drag Camping Mod .jar file into .minecraft/mods.
  5. Have fun!