Add Awesome new Weapons, Spells, and Armor with the Touhou Mod (1.6.2)

The Touhou mod for 1.6.2 is a Japanese mod that adds a lot of new unique weapons, spells, and armor to the game. These new items can do everything from shooting giant fireballs to turning you invisible and spawning butterflies around you.

Basic Materials

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple Pearls:
Pearls minecraft mods 1.6.2 touhou weapons mod
– Materials that use to make some of items below.


Brilliant Dragon Bullet:
Brillian dragon bullet minecraft mod 1.6.2 download
– Throws a huge thunder ball
– Hold shift to throw 5 thunder balls.
– Unlimited use, but the user has to wait it to recharge the gauge.

Jeweled Branch of Hourai:
Brillian dragon bullet minecraft mod 1.6.2 download
– Spam the color pearls in front of the user.
– Hold shift to spam around the user.
– Unlimited use, but the user has to wait it to recharge its gauge.

Aja Red Stone Laser:

– Hold right click and release to set mobs on fire!

Yuyuko’s Fan:

– Spam butterflies in front of the player.
– Hold shift to spam butterflies around the player.

Mini Hakkero:

– Use 32 Fire Charges to shoot a massive laser strike.

Yuuka’s Parasol:

– Shoots bullets in all directions.
– Hold right click to make the bullets go more further.
– The player can glide while holding it.

Tengu’s Fan:

– Blow mobs away with a strong gust of wind.

Melee Items

Roukan Sword:

– Hold the right click to charge and release to make a fast step forward.
– While lurching forward, you will damage any mobs you hit.
– Strong as an iron sword
– You can use it to dig a hole!

Hisou Sword:

– Lights mobs on fire when used on them.
– Right click to use the special effect.

Scythe of Death:

– Hold right click to drag the mobs toward the user.
– Hold shift and right click to blow the mobs away.

Stick of Regret

– Use the stick to spank mobs!
– Every time the user hit, it will take 25% of the mobs health.

Strange Festival God Pillar:

– Very strong offense
– Used as a big stick

Sacred Sword of Toyosatomimi:

– It can check for surrounding mobs.
– Right click to use the effect or hold it to check further.

Throwable Items

Enormous Ceiling of Kinkakuji:

– Throw an enomous ceiling to crush the mobs.
– This thing can use as a boat!

Silver Knife:

– A throwable knife that can be picked up.
– Can be used with combination with Sakuya’s Pocket Watch.

Homing Amulet:

– Throw 5 homing amulets in front of the user.
– Hold shift and right click to use focus homing mode.

Mob Utilities

3rd Eye:

– Right click to check the status of mobs.
– Gives current HP and name.

Consumable items

Life Spring Infinity:

– Unlimited food to gain all your hunger and life back.

Ibuki’s Gourd:

– It gives you strength when you drink it and makes you drunk.

Status Items

Magician Roll of Sutras

– Hold right click to activate it. (Redstone needed)
– Gives the user 3 or 5 buffs.

Closed 3rd Eye:

– Hold right click to become invisible.

Miscellaneous Items:

Sakuya’s Pocket Watch:

– Right click to pause time.
– Hold shift and right click to deactivate the effect.

Ship Ghost’s Dipper:

– Touch the water with it and it will teleport the water somewhere else.

Nazrin’s Pendulum:

– Dowsing for the materials. (Put the target things near the Pendulum in the inventory slot)

Transport Tools


– Set a warp hole
– Of course, the user have to make 2 of it to use.
– If the user set more than 2 warp holes, it will go to the nearest one.
– Hold shift and right click on it to pick it up.

Chisel of Penetration

– Use against a wall to teleport the user to another side of the wall


Salamander Shield:

– Fire resistance shield.
– Hold shift and right click to distinguish the fire off the user’s body.

Kappa’s Cap:

– Move more faster when in the water.
– Move slower when on ground.
– Rain can repair the cap durability.


Buddhist Diamond

Similar to stone tools, but unlimited use!

Bullet Types

Bullet Core
– Most basic of the bullet recipes

Small Danmaku Bullet

Medium Danmaku Bullet

Big Danmaku Bullet

Large Danmaku Bullet

Orbit Danmaku Bullet

Star Danmaku Bullet

Big-Star Danmaku Bullet

Flame Danmaku Bullet

Butterfly Danmaku Bullet

Glowing Danmaku Bullet


Short Laser

Long Laser

Spell Cards

Spirit Sign “Fantasy Seal”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Shoots several large orbs that do large amounts of damage to mobs.

Love Sign “Master Spark”:

– Shoots a large rainbow heat laser.
– Laser does 10 damage for each second of contact.

“Resurrection Butterfly”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Shoots a slowly moving circle of butterflies around the user

Star Sign “Meteonic Shower”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Shoots a stream of orbs that can damage mobs quickly

Border Sign “Boundary of Wave and Particle”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Shoots a very powerful spiral of danmaku bullets

Sinister Spirits “Double Black Death Butterfly”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Release butterflies around the user, swirl twice and spread around. Protects the user.

Scarlet Sign “Scarlet Shoot”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Shoots 5 Large bullets spread out twice and then shoots 3 large bullets
straight forward

Maid Secret Skill “Killing Doll”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Spreads knives that fly around randomly.
– Also stop the time when use this spell card

Freeze Sign “Perfect Freeze”:
– Right click on a mob to activate
– Spread the bullets around and stay still, and separate randomly directions
– Good for defending more than offending

Fantasy Nest “Flying Glow Worm’s Nest”:

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Spawns Sukimas and shoots the lasers out from the Sukima’s Gap

Water Sign “Kappa’s Pororoca”

– Right click on a mob to activate
– Shoots a lot of bouncy bullets all over the ground.


Download Minegicka Mod for 1.6.2

Touhou Mod for 1.6.2
Forge for 1.6.2 Installer

1) Install forge using the Forge Installer.
2) Move the Touhou .zip file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
3) Launch Minecraft
6) Before you push play, click on Edit Profile
7) Select Use Version and then select the version of Forge that you just installed.