Add an iPad to Minecraft with this Mod (1.6.2)

The HoonPad mod for 1.6.2 adds a functional iPad to Minecraft. This tablet includes apps that allow you to change your world, spawn things, and play mini games.

Hoonpad mod 1.6.2 download

Right Click on the hoonPad to open up the main screen:

Hoonpad ipad minecraft mod

From here you can select an app. To go back/exit, press the button at the bottom of the screen.


customize app minecraft mods

The Customize app lets you change the color of your Hoonpad and the tint of the screen.


The World App lets you change the time of day and the weather.

Creeper App

The Creeper App will initiate an explosion at the position you choose. You can also change the size of the explosion.

Player app minecraft mods

The Player app can transform you, kill you, and send a message to another player.

Video Player:
Video Player

The video player app will play a short video.

Instant House:
Instant House app ipad

The Instant House app will spawn a house at your location. There are 3 different types of houses and each uses a

different amount of energy. They houses cannot be used to harvest blocks.

Brain Teaser:
Brain Teaser

A quick minigame.

Quick Menu:
Quick Menu

XP App:
XP App minecraft mod

Rocket App:

Lets you launch a rocket of any size and power.

Download HoonPad Mod for 1.6.2:



1) Install forge using the Forge Installer.
2) Drag the HoonPad Mod .zip file into the .minecraft/mods folder.
3) Launch Minecraft
4) Before you push play, click on Edit Profile
5) Select Use Version and then select the version of Forge that you just installed.
6) Have fun!