Activate Magical Runes with the Runic Dust Mod

The Runic Dust Mod allows you to draw Runes on the ground using Rune Dust. These Runes can be used to decorate your world and when activated are powerful. They can be used to do things like creating a tall beacon, summoning powerful monsters not found in vanilla Minecraft, creating forcefields, and even modifying the earth.


In order to start drawing runes you will need to first craft some Runic Dust. There are four different kinds, and each is more powerful than the last.

Plant Runic Dust – 2x Tall Grass or Saplings or Leaves or Seeds + 1xCoal
Gunpowder Runic Dust – 2x Plant Runic Dust + 1 Gunpowder
Lapis Runic Dust – 3x Lapis + 1 Coal
Blaze Runic Dust – 3x Lapis Runic Dust + 1 Blaze Powder

You will then need to create a Runic Tome. You can do this by crafting any type of Runic Dust on top of a book. The Runic Tome can be used to activate Rune drawings and to view the catalog of drawings. Crouch down and right click anywhere to view the catalog of drawings.

Runic Lexicon:
Runic Lexicon Mod for 1.2.5 minecraft

Right clicking on the Runic Lexicon will bring up the full catalog of drawings. This can also be done with just the Runic Tome. A catalog page looks like this:

Runic Dust Mod

This is the easiest recipe. It simply spawns a torch in the place that it is drawn. You can place dust down by right clicking and remove by left clicking. Because there is no purple dust, that means you can use any type of dust for this recipe.

This drawing needs a sacrifice of 1 flint in order to spawn a beacon. To give a sacrifice, just drop the item in the middle of the drawing and activate it.

You can find a complete list of drawings here.

Download Runic Dust Mod for 1.2.5:


  1. Locate your Minecraft.jar file.
  2. Drag all of the files from the Forge .zip file into Minecraft.jar
  3. Drag the Dust Mod .zip file into the %appdata%/.minecraft/mods/ folder.
  4. Have fun!